• Marta

My most favourite moments of 2018

Hey, it is my birthday and I'm turning 30 today! I thought it would be nice to take a tiny look back on the most memorable things that I did or what happened to me when I was 29. So here is my top 6!

1. Well...I actually this happened - I said 'YES' and got engaged! How exciting!

2. Aaaand...I started a new job and had fun with my colleagues!

3. Travelled with my parents and took them on two trips to Rome, Vatican and Berlin! So cool! Read more about our trip to Italy & Vatican!>>>

4. Collected some more marathons and ran some more for fun!

5. Took a sunny four-day trip all around Lithuania! Read more about our trip!>>>

6. And travelled all around Portugal for two weeks!

This year was a lot of fun and there were a lot more happy moments, lessons learnt and experiences gained. I hope to continue this way and focus even more on collecting moments not things, and having stories to tell not things to show! Cheers to 30! :)


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